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24 July 2021 8:00 pm


BC/DC – A Rock n’ Roll Salute 

There are Tribute Bands… and there’s BC/DC. 

They were born of bush party ashes in the summer of 1999. Some 500+ unexpected gigs later, Canada’s BC/DC has systematically redefined the concept of a tribute band, garnering iconic status amongst diehard fans, agents, and venues from Vancouver, BC to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From the backyard biker bashes of Ymir, to the star-studded legendary rooms of Las Vegas. From Nelson to New York City.  

BC/DC’s live show has become a legendary, and necessary “rite-of-passage” amongst their unwavering supporters and believers. With over-the-top stage energy, they deliver every last note of all the classic songs with absolute authority. You get tired just watching them. BC/DC is heavily rooted in the Bon Scott-era catalog (Dirty Deeds, TNT, Jailbreak, Let There Be Rock), but also covers AC/DC’s second “golden era” with all the essentials; Back in Black, For Those About to Rock, Hells Bells, and many more. Hey, there’s always another AC/DC tune… and BC/DC always seems more than eager to blast it out.