Stage Audio & Visual Services

The state of the art stage is a covered 32 foot by 32 foot Stageline SL260 with extended wing on one side.

Our stage is from the industry leading stage manufacturer Stageline and is the SL260 model. Our certified technicians have configured the primary stage setup to have a 32ft by 32ft main stage deck that is fully covered. The primary stage setup also includes stage decks to add an additional are of 12ft by 20ft to stage left, this area is not covered but can be as an optional request. The stage package includes a rear windwall as well as upstage side windwalls if weather is permitting. In accordance to Stageline’s safety requirements windwalls cannot be guaranteed for every event and use is dependent on the weather of the show day.

The audio system is FM transmission for Drive In events with guests enjoying the show through their car radio. A PA system is provided and is tailored to fit the event requirements as adjusted for weather conditions for the Festival Area. Our PA systems are processed and controlled by some of the top engineers in the country using cutting edge technology. The PA system includes an audio mixer with a basic microphone package with an audio engineer acting as system tech and mix engineer. Backline and additional microphones are available onsite as an add on package. The lighting system provided is also tailored to your event with our creative lighting designers ensuring every event is unique with lighting customized to your needs.

The site features 3 – 24ft by 13ft high definition LED video screens. These screens allow excellent viewing at all times of the day and can operate in all weather conditions. Our video production crew is capable of displaying videos, images, and speeches that you wish to use that are a key part of your event. The action on stage is captured by high definition cameras, and can livestreamed as an additional option. 

Any productions materials you wish to use such as videos, images, and speeches can be displayed on the LED video screens.

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