How long does it take for attendees to park?

We suggest opening the venue to guests looking to arrive to the show 1 hour prior. In our experience it should not take more than 60 minutes to park 206 vehicles, however its best to allow extra time in case.

How long does it take for attendees to depart the site after the show?

Allow for 30 minutes for all cars to empty the site.

How long should I run my show?

We suggest all shows be 2 hours or less .

How far in advance should I arrive at the site for set up?

Consider what you need to prepare prior to the show or any guests arriving in cars. Do you need time to rehearse on stage, test any last minute video or images to go on screens, discuss your run of show schedule, brief any volunteers you have, set up props backstage? We suggest being on site at minimum 1 hour before the site is open to cars arriving.

Can guests get out of their vehicles?

No, guests are not permitted to leave their vehicle unless they are using the washroom facilities.

Are there washrooms on site?

Yes, porta-potties will be available at the site to use. Should you require the use of an indoor washroom those can be accessed through the Grey Eagle hotel beside the site.

Can I come in a convertible vehicle, RV/camper/trailer, or vehicle without a roof or doors?

Please be aware no convertibles, motorcycles, two wheeled units, RV’s, trailers, or campers allowed. Any lifted or oversized vehicles will be asked to park at the back of the lot. You must come fully prepared for any weather.

Can I bring my own items to the site such as additional temporary tents, signage, décor/props etc?

Absolutely! We ask you to please advise the site management in advance to ensure there are no concerns or restrictions with your plans. No promotional materials are allowed to be distributed for other casinos or hotels.

Where can we stage performers or guests who are required as part of the production?

There are two 20 x 20 tents available backstage for you to use as you see fit. The Grey Eagle also has extra guest parking beside the site within walking distance where performers or support staff can meet before heading to the stage area. Alternatively, you are welcome to book an indoor space in the hotel directly through the Grey Eagle.

Does my rental time frame include set up, rehearsal, and load out?

Yes! Please plan all time you require prior, during, and after performance time to be completed within your contracted time frame. Please be advised events are not allowed to run past 10pm.

Should we charge tickets per car or per person?

Keep in mind the space you are selling is occupied whether you there are 1 or 4 people in a car, and is quicker to load in cars in with 1 ticket per car. Ticketing can be organized with Showpass directly. We are not involved with ticketing and in turn all profits are assigned to your company directly!

When tickets are purchased do attendees purchase a stall # or is it first come first serve?

This is up to you how you would like to handle ticketing, but both options are available through Showpass!

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